The Volkswagen Beetle and Scirocco are facing the disappearance


Volkswagen New Beetle second-generation.

“The Beetle and the Scirocco are representatives of a class of vehicles attractive and emotional, but not always, will continue to hire from one generation to the next.” Words of Arno Antlitz to Coach.

These words Arno Antlitz, a member of the board of directors of Volkswagen AG, have been made skip alarms. In the words with the british publication Autocar during the Volkswagen 2017 Annual Session, the executive of the German corporation responded this way to questions about the successors of these models.

The reason for their words is evident in both the Beetle as the Scirocco are vehicles of niche, with some figures of sales marginal, exactly what you don’t need the VAG Group in these moments, despite the fact that continues to maintain a billing very strong and in the first quarter of 2017 achieved a spectacular result in what benefits refers.


Volkswagen Scirocco.

The sales figures of both models are anecdotal compared to the rest of the range Volkswagen. By adding up its total figures, around 2016 both models sold less units globally than the Golf in the month of January 2017.

, While the Beetle sold in the past year 25.127 units in all the world, linking the two versions of bodywork, the Scirocco could not manage to reach not even half of that figure, making a total of 10.752 units throughout 2016. In the case of the Beetle, is the variant of the automobile is closed, that the less successful it is, and therefore the candidate to disappear in front of the variant Cabrio, much stronger in sales. Not in vain is the only convertible that currently appears in the catalog of Volkswagen, after the disappearance of the Eos and the Golf Cabrio.

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sentence of final death of both models, but should not
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