The Volkswagen Beetle Dune is already official: this transforms a “Beetle” in crossover in 7 steps

Was a news that we were waiting from a long time ago, and that Volkswagen had even confirmed, though it was with the small mouth. But that’s not why we less surprising, the fact that Volkswagen Beetle Dune 2016, as it will arrive at dealers. A reinterpretation jacket, distinguished, as if it was a Baja Bug it were, of the famous Volkswagen Beetle. This will be one of the big news from Volkswagen at the Hall of Los Angeles, which will try to reconcile with their customers, following the scandal of the TDI, by presenting its new autumn-winter collection. How is transformed in 7 steps to a Volkswagen Beetle in a crossover?

is Not a SUV itself. The Beetle Dune is converted into a version more jacket, eye-catching and distinguished from the Volkswagen Beetle.

1. Redefines its design. The Volkswagen Beetle Dune remains a Beetle. The platform is the same, and also its rounded design. But Volkswagen has completely renovated their image with a design of defenses more aggressive, with protections also extend to their low. They have widened the tracks, and as a result, the wheel arches are more generous and bulky. It also has an integrated protection of black plastic that joins the wheel arches with the defenses. Among other details, we can’t forget about your rear spoiler, more generous and eye-catching.

2. – Raises that chassis. The free height with respect to the ground of this Volkswagen Beetle Dune has also increased slightly, a centimeter. The Dune hardly going to be a car suitable for incursions jackets, but in any case, this always helps your image more jacket and robust.


3. Guarantees a full range. Volkswagen has not been limited to offer a Beetle Dune with the body coupe. In fact it will be available with two bodies, the Beetle coupe, the Beetle Cabrio. In the united States, in his presentation in Los Angeles, it has been confirmed that the other side of the Atlantic will be marketed with an engine 1.8 TSI of 170 HP and a change DSG of six relations. In Europe we expect his range to be covered with all, or almost all, of the engines available in the range Beetle, including the diesel and the 2.0 TSI of 220 HP.

4. Adds exclusivity and distinction. This will come hand-in-hand to special colors, quite eye-catching, as the Sandstorm Yellow (yellow sand storm) that looks in these pictures. Also will ship with white finish Pure White and a black pearl, Deep Black Pearl. In the doors, will look for a few stickers with the emblem Dune.

The Volkswagen Beetle Dune may also have some tires that are exclusive on 18, with design and Canyon tires 235/45.


5. Adds a complement of equipment very complete. The Volkswagen Beetle Dune will be able to equip Bi-Xenon headlights, with daytime running lights LED. It will also feature the latest generation of the entertainment system for Volkswagen, with connectivity services, Android Auto, MirrorLink and a capacitive screen 6.3” that allows for gestures, such as to increase, and drag with two fingers.


6. do Not neglect the interior design. Following the tonic current of the Beetle, and perfecting them even more, the Dune will be finished with a more jovial and distinguished. If you take it in yellow, the dashboard and many inserts in the cabin will be finished in that color. It will also feature sport seats, trimmed in mixed leather and fabric, leather covered steering wheel (with emblem Dune) and visible stitching in orange.


7. A global launch. The Volkswagen Beetle Dune wants, somehow, to be the lever of the range Beetle. I honestly don’t think that this version is going to be a best-seller, but we cannot be the slightest doubt that it can work to attract the customer to locate a product distinguished and special (more distinguished even than the own Beetle), and serve as a claim, make a brand image.

The Volkswagen Beetle Dune will arrive at dealers throughout 2016.

Source: Volkswagen
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