The Volkswagen CC today completed its production

Volkswagen CC

The current Volkswagen CC, takes as a basis the Volkswagen Passat nearly a decade, has just completed its production. Normally, a car ends its production when it begins the manufacture of a generational shift, not to be that is a product a “special” or low production, or sales are so low that not worthwhile to continue comercializándolo.

This four-door coupé from Volkswagen is not precisely one of the vehicles that more see on our high streets, and its sales numbers currently are quite contained. It is not a car that you dislike aesthetically, rather usually like, but its less practical in comparison to the Volkswagen Passat, its higher starting price (6,000 euros more than the Passat), and his outdated technology, have made it difficult for the company to maintain its production.

Volkswagen CC Dynamic Black

the news of The cessation of the production comes from Coach, the average british who also notes that the release of this Volkswagen CC will is expected on the market during the next year taking as a basis the concept Sport Coupe GTE, which made appearance at the Geneva motor show in 2015. Even declare that their generational might change name to find a denomination more striking and trying to reinvent the model, moving away from part of the Volkswagen CC today.

In any case, confirmation of a generational shift, the most normal thing would be that take again the Volkswagen Passat as a base, using the modular platform MQB for its development and with engines diesel and gasoline. We must not forget that the Passat is a hybrid variant plug-in, and that the concept to which we have referred in the previous paragraph also had a mechanical hybrid plug-in. Therefore, it would be fairly easy, arriving finally as rumors say, also offer a version “Plug-in”.

Source – Coach

Volkswagen CC

From 31.240 euro