The Volkswagen Crafter 2017 is shown in his early sketches official

Volkswagen Crafter 2017The current Volkswagen Crafter is going to meet ten years in the market. The German brand seems to be preparing a generational for this commercial vehicle that was born out of an agreement with Mercedes and that it shared components with the Sprinter. The new Volkswagen Crafter 2017 will be made outside of this alliance and will arrive shortly, so that the brand has released the early sketches official.

The new addition to the range will adopt the language design of the other commercial vehicles. Therefore we can see a Crafter with traits that remind us of the Volkswagen T6 and also to the newly renovated Volkswagen Amarok. Highlighted by a grill more wide that gives it a more rugged look, plus some new headlights with a design more futuristic and with LED technology.

volkswagen-crafter-2017-3In the lagging behind will follow the changes and in the sketches we highlight the new design of the rear headlights. It will be a the vehicle is completely new and that will be a step forward in regard to the current generation. In addition to the renewal on an aesthetic level, it will also introduce aerodynamic improvements, which will reduce their coefficient up to 0,33 Cx, one of the best in its class. Therefore, it is expected a improved performance.

To realize this, the experts of the division of commercial vehicles have accompanied clients real in their routines to analyse their needs and adapt to them. It is expected that to maintain the same versions as today, taking the Volkswagen Crafter in format panel Van, Combi, Bus and Chassis. It might also give you three different heights and up to four lengths to achieve a load capacity of between 7.5 and 17 cubic metres.

Source – Volkswagen

Volkswagen Crafter 2017

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Volkswagen Crafter

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