The Volkswagen Crafter 2017 prepares for its renewal in the cold

The Crafter will be possibly in the vehicle industry all-rounder from Volkswagen. It is capable of displaying various types of chassis and bodywork to suit the needs of a wide variety of clients. The Volkswagen Crafter 2017 is already on its way, and we have discovered by getting to a point in the north of Europe.


The front will change, including elements redesigned as the headlights and the bumper

As we have already said, the Crafter has three types of bodies are possible: the full-size van, primarily intended for industrial use, the chassis, to each and every customer the carroce in function of their needs, and the variant Kombi, that brings together the versatility of the cargo space with the possibility to carry passengers.

On this occasion, we are faced with this last variant that we have to add the longest battle of all the possible, because clearly identifies the three rows of back seats, giving more than enough space for traveling up to nine passengers with all the comforts possible.

The different possibilities of the interior are combined with systems of care and technology that does not differ much from those of a tourist. They will still be present, although surely receive a face wash. Like the exterior, where the vinyl allows us to determine where to focus the main areas of renewal.

Where it is not expected to make major changes is in the section mechanic. The Volkswagen Crafter has a range of engines that in all the cases is diesel. The unit Kombi you can have two different power ratings; 114 and 167 HP. Always associated with a change manual of six speeds and technologies Bluemotion fuel-efficient.


the Whole family Crafter will benefit from the changes to the course of this year

Although we’ve discovered the Crafter Kombi, there is nothing to indicate that the rest of versions and bodies do not have the same face washing. If all the plans come as Volkswagen has planned, we will know the new family Crafter along this year. Surely in one of the specialized classrooms that are held in Europe.