The Volkswagen Crossblue is still making his point to reinforce the strategy SUV


The last time we saw it the front was discovered, but it was all provisional

Volkswagen has already warned. There will be many new models by 2020, and most of them will have a format SUV. The German brand has two objectives currently, increase the fleet and to recover the american market, which was damaged after the recent incidents. For it is already underway a new SUV, the Volkswagen Crossblue that we see in images and that is intended only for the united States.

The yankies like a lot of SUV/Todocaminos of great size. The distances and the large measures is not something that amount to the other side of the pond and it is for this reason that the Crossblue shows a size so considerable. Their measures of what posicionarĂ­an between the Volkswagen Tiguan and the Volkswagen Touareg, with capacity for seven passengers.

By the time different test units are in the development stage, but despite the camouflage, these are displayed in a state quite advanced. However, we know that won’t be until late this year or early next, when the Crossblue make act of presence, being presented in one of the classrooms of North America.


The tarps camouflage tells us that the units already mounted the final pieces

stating That the name for the moment is not final, however we can not but remember the Volkswagen Crossblue Concept when we see it. A prototype that resembles and which was presented at the beginning of 2013 in the Hall of Detroit. It would not be surprising that the German mark to repeat the formula at the beginning of 2017.

What is a true unknown is the propeller group that will mobilize this new SUV. The prototype is based on a hybrid technology. A gasoline engine and the other electric-that together produce a total power of 190 horses. This power seems to be scarce, but for sure the end unit in the increase of surplus.

The Volkswagen Crossblue, or whatever you like to be called finally, not only is intended for the american market, but that will be fabricated there. In the plant that the German brand has in Chattanooga, in the state of Tennessee. Hopefully with this move by Volkswagen to recover part of what was lost.


you Still have a few months of development and tuning