The Volkswagen factory in Wolfsburg celebrates 43 million cars produced


43 millions of vehicles manufactured by Volkswagen in Wolfsburg

With all the scandal #DieselGate laps, Volkswagen is going through times very complicated. It remains to be seen how it will affect the sales of the brand in the medium term the impact of this cheating of some of its diesel engines with Euro 5 for “dodge” regulations anti-pollution. By the time have already been put to work, getting to know how will be the arrangement for engines 1.6 TDI and 2.0 TDI affected.

Despite the great damage it is doing this scandal-both clients, the first and most affected, as the brand itself and its image-, you can’t put a value on everything good that has made Volkswagen into the automotive world in the last few decades. And here we have another great little milestone of your factory banner: Wolfsburg, where the brand has its headquarters.

just a few days Ago that in Wolfsburg commemorated nothing less than 43 million cars manufactured. The car of the national event has been the Volkswagen Golf of white color that you see in the picture, but as you probably already know, in Wolfsburg are manufactured other models in addition to the compact mpv, such as the Volkswagen Golf and the Volkswagen Tiguan.


So is the parking vertical of the Autostadt in Wolfsburg: the lifts automated stored and collected later the new vehicles

Although Wolfsburg was inaugurated in 1938, was from 1945 -after the end of the Second World War – when he had a boom that has not stopped until our days. There he produced, the Volkswagen Beetle, and in 1955 had already manufactured a million units of the model. The Beetle would be manufactured in Wolfsburg in 1974, taking the Volkswagen Golf their release: after seven generations of the compact have already been sold more than 30 million units of the Golf.

Since its birth, Wolfsburg has been modernized progressively, and to this day it remains the plant’s reference production of Volkswagen. Around the factory has built the Autostadt: “Town Car” is a modern complex in which customers can pick up their new vehicle, visit several pavilions different -each brand of the VW Group, has his-museum, the museum of classics of the manufacturer and even part of the facilities of the factory.

Although Wolfsburg is not the only protagonist, we’ll leave you with a series of videos in which Volkswagen shows how it’s done design and fabrication process of the models manufactured by its marks, by visiting some of its factories and production lines more importantes.