The Volkswagen Golf 2.0 TDI BMT already is being revised to solve the problem of emissions

Volkswagen has begun with the call to review their diesel in Europe, review the need to correct a fraud in around the approval of emissions of NOx. The first of them all will be the Volkswagen Golf, now equipped with the engine 2.0 TDI Blue Motion Technology (BMT) family EA 189. In total have to be revised to around 15,000 units of the Volkswagen Golf in Europe with this combination of engine and manual gearbox. The ins and outs of technical review have already been approved by the competent authority in the field of transport in Germany the Kraftfahrt-Bundesamt (KBA), and in short all the cars begin to pass by the workshop to solve it. And what is that call review?

Probably this engine is one that requires minor changes to remove the malicious software, named defeat device, and comply legally with your approval. As we already knew months ago, this engine alone would require a reprogramming of the software of the ecu to comply with the regulations for which it was approved, now yes, legally.

That reprogramming barely requires half an hour of work. Volkswagen will start to arrange appointments in the whole of Europe with the affected customers to resolve the problem.


What are the side effects of the reprogramming?

The biggest fear among the affected customers was that, in order to solve the problem, the performance of your car, or the consumption, would be affected. According to Volkswagen, the KBA has not only approved the technical solution chosen, but also has confirmed that technically has not been worsened by the consumption of the car, its performance, or the noise generated by the engine.

In the next few weeks, Volkswagen will continue to come to the call to review of other affected models, to cover all models, all engines, and all of the shades that used malicious software to comply with a technique illegal, type approval of emissions of NOx.

Source: Volkswagen
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