The Volkswagen Golf 2016 will gesture controls system


Along with restyling Mid Life of the current generation Volkswagen Golf to hit the market next year, the German brand is preparing a system which controls most of the functions of the carrier through gestural controls.


VW-Golf-R-Touch E l hit the market next year’s facelift Volkswagen Golf. Speaking to the British magazine Auto Express Heinz-JakobNeußer who is in charge of developing powerplants, said that along with restyling mid-life, the more successful of the German brand models incorporate an innovative control system through gestures .

Confirmation of this new technology was held on the occasion of CES in Shanghai, where the German manufacturer presented a prototype called VW Golf R Touch equipped with gesture control technology to be used in the Golf series production next year.

controls through gestures reach the VW Golf next year.

The new Golf will be equipped with an infotainment system comprising three screens and five sensors .

One will 13-inch high resolution image and replace the conventional screen located in the center of the board, but also will be an 8-inch replace the traditional box instruments .

The third screen will replace the traditional climate, providing controls to operate through gestures to change the temperature control or the volume of the sound equipment, among others. Switches to open and close the sunroof and windows were also replaced in the prototype sensitive touch surfaces , allowing the occupants simply touch the touchpad to achieve the desired result .

The idea was to eliminate as much as possible buttons, to replace mostly by gestures or in his absence by touch-sensitive control surfaces. Neusser however did not specify if all these technologies find their way into the production model or if instead be only control through gestures .





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