The Volkswagen Golf GTI Clubsport S improved its own record on the Nürburgring (with video)


The old circuit Nürburgring for many it is known as the Green Hell, although the reality is that everything the one that visits does not return precisely saying that it is a hell, but on the contrary, a paradise; that if you have not tried the guardarrailes, that there are stories and anecdotes of all the colors. For the different manufacturers also has become a “work office”, as many tend to spend hours and hours shooting on the track of German to develop their sports cars.

In the last few years we have heard many times the expression “the fastest car on the Nürburgring” or “the fastest in its class at the Nürburgring”, or similar. What is certain is that are the own brands that are giving wide popularity to the old path. Many have fallen in “the vice” is trying to beat the competition, and it seems that almost put their cars to be the fastest there. The last record comes from the Volkswagen Golf GTI Clubsport S.

Yes, the Golf GTI Clubsport’s already got a few months to be the car front-wheel-drive faster on the Nürburgring. That time of radical compact German front-wheel-drive was 7 minutes, 49 seconds and 21 tenths of a second, which was to leave behind models which for some time had been the kings of this track in their category, as they are, to cite some examples, the Renault Mégane RS, the Seat Leon Cupra or the very Honda Civic Type R. Golf GTI Clubsport S seems to want to kept the back and has returned to improve that time to 2 seconds, registering now is a time for lap of 7 minutes, 47 seconds, and 29-tenths.

This version is such a radical of the mythical compact Volkswagen carries under its hood the known 2 litres of petrol with no less than 310 HP that are sent to the front axle. Add to that a great lightening regardless even of the squares later. It also has brakes that are powerful, as well as tires for competition as are Michelin Pilot Sport Cup 2. But, why should it have wanted Volkswagen to lose those 2 seconds the lap time? WhatWill be afraid of the new Seat León Cupra 300 HP? Be that as it may, I hope you enjoyed the video.

Volkswagen Golf

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