The Volkswagen Golf GTI Concept, 2017 will be presented at Wörthersee

Golf GTI Concept Worthersee

Is already a tradition of 10 years, and once again, the apprentices of Volkswagen be featured this year at Wörthersee, the Golf GTI Concept. This year, a team of thirteen apprentices have been working on the latter concept of the Golf GTI, which this year will have an app for our smartphone that we will be able to automatically adjust the driver’s seat, at the same time to be able to store the preferred positions.

The team of apprentices from Volkswagen is formed by students who developed the various components of the vehicle, including assembly technicians, paint specialists and rubber and plastic components, between the ages of 18 to 23 years.

Volkswagen Golf GTI Auto Show Nueva York

Although Volkswagen has not revealed yet more details on this Golf GTI Concept, if you have uploaded an image in which we can deduce the silhouette of this new prototype of the German mark.

In this image released by Volkswagen, we can appreciate the rear spoiler which would incorporate, as it already does the GTI Clubsport S, the new concept in German. Otherwise, it is impossible to know which will look like the prototype under the blue blanket, but we know safely that will have an aggressive look as years ago have been the prototype of the hatchback more famous.

Vista aérea Worthersee

The Golf GTI Concept, 2017 will be revealed in Wörthersee this weekend. The festival Worthersee brings together more than 150,000 attendees accompanied, in most Volkswagen and Audi, and although it began as a festival of tuning, soon to be made official to be promoted by the Volkswagen Group.

We will attend this year to tell you all the news and the atmosphere in Reifnitz (Austria) and the famous lake Wörthersee, and also to show the best images of this Golf GTI Concept, 2017 and the new model that the German brand will present in society, the Volkswagen Up! GTI.

Volkswagen Golf
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