The Volkswagen Golf Mk2 of 1,233 hp Bugatti Veyron couple picnicked

Boba Motoring is a small shop located in Germany preparations. They are not famous, because among other things engaged in preparations for drag racing on old Volkswagen. But with his latest creation they have attracted many stares and raise many eyebrows. How do you sounds Volkswagen Golf Mk2 – absolutely sleeper aspect – with 1,233 hp capable of passing of 100-200 km / h in just three seconds ? The 700 hp Golf picnicked Lamborghinis far behind. They had my curiosity, but now they have my full attention. How the hell did?

Outwardly, it looks like another Golf Mk2 prepared more. Nothing says is faster than a Bugatti Veyron.

This preparation is pure mechanical force. Do not expect dynamic finesse and a nice look. In Boba Motoring engines are addicted to, plain and simple. This radical Golf was born as a simple Golf Mk2 enrolled in 1989. After nearly three decades ended up in the hands of Boba Motoring , which gutted the full. The engine is not the typical basis for preparing such a beast: it uses the engine block of Volkswagen diesel 1Z


Yes, incombustible 1.9 TDI [1.99901 million] war that has been giving since the early 90s this cast iron block was chosen for its robustness: I would have to endure a lot of power . The block is set, the rest of the engine has been tailored. No car is diesel, gasoline used as fuel and is supercharged by a turbocharger giant GTX42 [1.99901 million] Extreme Tuners. The cylinder head and camshaft come from a Golf GTI second generation, with its 16 valves.

The clutch is a high performance Sachs, and both the crankshaft and the pistons are machined about this course. The gearbox has six enhanced relations and has been provided by Don Octane. Their collectors look like a racing car and its exhaust is completely handmade. Has installed a 4Motion all-wheel drive to go the extreme potency of this car to the ground.

Physical appears to have no limits in the Golf of 1,233 hp. Brutal!

origin is not specified, but clearly comes from the Volkswagen universe, as most car components. By knowing your data is prestacionales when I get dizziness. This Golf develops tremendous amount of 1,233 hp at 8,000 rpm . It is best that the maximum torque coincides with maximum power. Maximum torque 1,094 Nm . Up just less than a Veyron pair extracted from a simple four-cylinder engine and only two liters.

Sure, it’s an engine turbocharger must blow no less than 4.4 bar pressure. Hence the need for a diesel block. No prestacionales records beyond 100-200 km / h in 3.0 seconds. Do you remember that great Porsche 911 Turbo 800 CV which I talked about yesterday? It takes 1.3 seconds longer to make the 100-200 km / h. The fall quarter mile in just 9.766 seconds and its top speed is estimated at 380 km / h. Weighs only 1,150 kg, with a power-weight of 0.93 kg / horse relationship.

And now is the time for the videos. Hold on male to the chair.

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Source: Boba Motoring via autoevolution
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