The Volkswagen Golf R32 with transplant of Audi RS6 and 1.170 CV that terrorizes the roads of Kosovo, in video

Although consider a kind of idols personal to the people of Boba Motoring in Germany, it is true that there are more heroes anonymous, who come from places least expected. It is the case of this unknown Volkswagen Golf R32 Mk4, which has received a preparation that catapult into an orbit stratospheric. Though we do not have so much information and audio-visual materials as with the Golf 1.233 CV Boba Motoring, I assure you that this R32 with a V10 engine from an Audi RS6 and 1.170 CV deserves all of our attention.

The beginning of the preparation are somewhat dark, and on them we can only speculate. All would begin with a Audi RS6 C6 in the accident, whose engine 5.0 V10 Biturbo was still usable. The Audi RS6 of the previous generation came to develop the whopping 580 HP. This propeller was removed from the engine bay of the Audi and assembled as best they could in the front of the Volkswagen Golf R32. The weight distribution of the car doesn’t seem too favorable, I can assure you.

golf-v10-kosovo-4The huge V10 looks out over the hood, which has been cut to make room for the TFSI high-flying. The engine has been mounted next to the gearbox tiptronic of six relations, and the electronic control unit, as well as its instrumentation. We ignore what has happened with the system of all-wheel-drive of the Volkswagen, but we understand that has been preserved – and we hope that reinforced. If pensábais that the engine would have been installed with its power series, is that you are too innocent yet.

Evil tongues say that if you say “Ferdinand Piëch” three times while it circulates along the highways of Kosovo, this Golf course is listed among the shadows.

A workshop albano, under the code name “GoGi”, he has taken his power up to a few mind-boggling 1.170 CV. A figure disproportionate that comes from the hand of a maximum torque of 1.578 Nm. Peccata minuta, in the final analysis. If this outside little, the gases and flames from the exhaust emanating from the top of the hood and the optical front are hollow, housing in its interior the air filters on the intake of the V10. The undercarriage would have been reinforced properly and the car equipped with semi-slicks for better traction.

finally, there is no more to contemplate the result of this transformation in two videos. Two videos that do not show too much, but enough. This frankenstein the Volkswagen Group is a real missile.


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