The volkswagen Golf R400 could arrive sooner than you think

In 2014, Volkswagen presented us with a version more radical of the Volkswagen Golf, a Volkswagen Golf R400 that it came ready to go 100 horses beyond what we currently offer the Volkswagen Golf R. Since then, from its implementation over the initial, conceptual, ‘ve been listening to repeatedly, every few months, new rumors that spoke of his arrival in production, now, this coming back to be present in the present… and there is talk already of may or June as possible dates for their presentation.

In June is celebrated the Festival of Speed of Goodwood, before, in May, the W├Ârthersee Tour, both a perfect excuse to introduce it:

The publication australian Drive has been pointed out that the German company, we could present the final version in may or June, and logically this makes a lot of sense if we consider that in these months takes place on the W├Ârthersee Tour and the Festival of Speed Goodwood, two excuses are perfect to present to us a car as well.

Previous rumors had pointed out that were not even happy with the 400 horses original this model could rise up to the 420 horses and that could also arrive accompanied by a facelift for this generation of the Volkswagen Golf, with slight changes in their bumpers, new optics, and improvements on your multimedia system, new engines…

Mechanically this model would be animated by the block supercharged 4 cylinders and 2 liters of cubicaje that we are already in the Audi S3, in the SEAT Leon Cupra or on the Volkswagen Golf R, duly empowered for the occasion and tied to a system of all-wheel drive.

of course it would look a sporty look, a new start-to-peer…