The Volkswagen Golf VIII will begin production in June 2019

The most important of Volkswagen is, without a doubt, the Volkswagen Golf. Is the king of compact segment and, after seven generations and nearly 45 years, remains one of the models most demanded by european customers, adding more than 34 million units since its first launch. Despite the fact that this current seventh generation was updated a little over a year, in Wolfsburg are already putting the view in the Volkswagen Golf VIII.

180 senior executives from 120 companies major suppliers have met with the directors of the German house. The main reason for this meeting is neither more nor less than the Volkswagen Golf, eighth-generation, which we have already confirmed that will start its production within a few 75 weeks; that is to say, the first units will roll off the assembly lines, approximately, in June of 2019.

As expected, the place of birth of the Volkswagen Golf VIII will continue to be the plant Wolfsburg, where it is currently producing about 2,000 units each day, marketed in more than 100 countries from all over the planet. Says Volkswagen, which, like previous models, this new Golf will be able to meet the demands of clients in the fields of design, efficiency, CO2 levels, comfort and reliability.

But in addition, and as is usual in all the new models that come up in the past few years, the next Volkswagen Golf mkVIII shall meet the latest demand of customers in terms of connectivity and advanced functions of driving autonomous, being the most important aspects of the systems of driving aids and safety. According to Volkswagen, will be the benchmark in terms connectivity and security, as will also be always connected.

If finally the production of the Volkswagen Golf eighth generation begins in June of 2019, we can expect that the first units will start arriving to the dealers at the end of that same summer, during the month of September 2019, although it is still early to confirm it with accuracy.

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