The Volkswagen Golf will receive a restyling that we would see in Geneva

Volkswagen Golf Alltrack TDI 184 DSGMark in red march 2016 on the calendar. Boots the Geneva, and with him a good amount of innovations seems to be colarĂ¡ the refurbished Volkswagen Golf. We took a few weeks with the fly behind the ear, with a lot of information that reveals that we will soon see a Golf course up to date. And it turns out that it will be sooner than we thought.

If we already had it clear that it would be at the end of the year, when would the new Golf, probably at the Frankfurt show, now AutoBild Germany ensures that it does not, that will be in march at the Geneva motor show when we see you. And the truth is that we can go making you an idea of what we are going to meet. The CES in Las Vegas earlier this year has left the door open to what will come in the coming months.

Volkswagen Golf R400Taking this into account, we See a Golf with few new aesthetic, as has always happened in the restyling of the compact German. Some details more like the Passat or Tiguan can sneak, as well as any customization more evident by way of tires or new colors for the bodywork. It will be the technology and equipment, the most evident of this update.

you Can be sure that there will come a new dashboard the new Golf, an element already present in the Passat and the Tiguan. We’ve also seen days back at the CES in Las Vegas. In addition, it should be debuting a brand new multimedia system with ability to interact with the user gesture. All of this will add to the already long list of optional equipment. They should also get some new optical Full LED.

In the (mechanical, only a few days ago confirmed the arrival of a new family of diesel and petrol engines. Although it would not come until 2017, the new engine 1.5-liter diesel and gasoline will replace a good part of the current range. It is expected to be lighter and more efficient, helping to get a overall consumption reduced.

in The same way, although it was one of the options to delete after the scandal TDI, it seems that there will also come the expected Volkswagen Golf R420. It is a version of time presented as a prototype with all-wheel drive, an improved chassis and a power of 420 horses. Will be the new sport emblem of Volkswagen and is to be introduced without shame in the segment of compact hyper-cheerful. For all of this will have to wait at least until march, at the Geneva motor show.

Source – AutoBild

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