The Volkswagen Group changes its language corporate English

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When a company is present in much of the world have to adapt their conduct to the standard that is carried in the sector so that their work can be in the simplest way possible. We all know that English is the official language of the world but apparently the Volkswagen Group has just find out now. The German consortium has always made such a show of the German as the official language, but without realizing it has complicated the existence.

Its directors, unlike its major competitors BMW and Daimler AG (Mercedes-Benz) do not dominate the English, and only a few are able to defend themselves as God commands in this language. This creates a barrier to engage in conversations with other partners as they placed a barrier in the middle. In addition, and even daring with the English when speaking of finance and numbers of the managers of the conglomerate only do it in German.

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however, this situation is going to change from now on. The Volkswagen Group has reported from now on the English will be the official language. With this, you want to improve your image among your partners, competitors and customers in the world. This movement is found within the changes taking place in the group in the wake of the scandal of the emissions of their diesel engines.

With this cultural change, become more international (even more) to the group and allow the transparency of the conglomerate increases. In addition, they are also looking at talent international approaches to the different brands group removing the language barrier. This young people who want to develop their career in any of the companies of the group and not to dominate the German – there will be a lot easier to access them.

in Addition, the rest of mortals we also make the work more easy as from now your website will be available in English and it will be much easier to understand what we want to tell.

Source – Volkswagen Group AG