The Volkswagen Group may restructure its brands

Grupo VolkswagenThe consequences of the dieselgate for the Volkswagen Group has not done more to start. Despite the fact that their numbers still remain positive, and their benefits remain on the cutting edge of the knife will have to face severe cuts and adjustments in the different brands that form the German consortium. This will be inevitable and where you first see will be in the disappearance of certain versions and models will be less profitable.

As we know the Volkswagen Group is working to forced marches to study all and each one of the investments that had committed in Europe. With this measure, what they are looking for is to redirect their capital toward those that are most profitable for the group and rule out the more unnecessary. Among them we have the twist that has given their strategy towards electric vehicles and driving autonomously.

Separación Grupo VolkswagenAccording to the German newspaper Handelsblatt the senior management of the Volkswagen Group met yesterday to discuss and agree on the cuts that run the group to save their annual accounts. With this meeting we want to lay the foundations of the strategy which will follow the German consortium until the next year, 2021 and she have to leave commitments and adjustments for all brands of the consortium.

This medium also has been reported that the head of the Volkswagen, Herbert Diess, wants to reduce the annual costs of the firm in terms of staff referred to in. To do this they will have to re-negotiate with the unions and workers conditions of work and salary to run the trimming of staff as necessary to adjust the accounts. However, it seems that the main shareholder of the Volkswagen Group are not in agreement with taking measures of this kind in Germany, although it does not specify if they would agree to perform them in other parts of the world.

Will have to wait for the Volkswagen Group to present its strategy for the next five years so that we can reel off every one of the ins and outs of the consequences of the Dieselgate.

Source – Handelsblatt