The Volkswagen Group wants that Seat to develop the technology GI

it Seems that the idea that you have in the Volkswagen Group about Seat is beginning to change. Of be the signature Spanish greatly in deficit and cutting cheap, has become a brand youth and technology. This path has cost him almost clinging to the house in Martorell, as it has been several times on the tightrope by their bad economic results. However, this dark phase of its history seems to overcome and more taking into account the last custom, which has made him their chief: the VAG Group.

To the couple that started the scandal of the pollutant emissions of engines diesel EA198 of the German consortium, came the first engines, hybrid gasoline and compressed natural gas (CNG). This technology, named in the Volkswagen Group as TGI, allows the vehicle to drive with both fuels, making the savings of money and, above all, in emissions of pollutants into the atmosphere is substantial.

Such good results are giving the engines TGI Volkswagen Group (lately it is the only thing that they know promote) which only have two problems with their backs. The first and most obvious, is the poor network gasineras that exist in the Spanish geography, and the second is that, despite being a proven technology, and reliable, it is still not very developed in the German group.

For this reason, the makers of the Volkswagen Group wanted Seat the brand in charge of its development for all the brands that make up the group. In this way the Technical Center that the Spanish firm has in the city of barcelona Martorell will be put to work at full performance. From it, they have to leave the next mechanical TGI that we have to encourage the models of great volume of the consortium, as the Seat Arona TGI, that will be the next model to have this technology under their engine bay.

According to the president of Seat, Luca de Meo, the natural gas is eco-friendly and economic, so until the electricity is imposed on the sector, it is much more interesting than diesel and even gasoline to dry. Just, considers the effort to which the CNG is imposed on the market is strengthen the investment in gasineras, which are dealing with the major suppliers of this gas element to create up to 300 new stations in our country by the year 2020.

Source – Seat

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