The Volkswagen Group will not get rid of any of their brands

Bentley Bentayga DieselWhen the Dieselgate burst thief by surprise at the Volkswagen Group and their brands. We can not say that they were waiting for that to happen, but since then had not planned to face what has happened. Among the many measures that have had to take are the economic and these can be very harsh if the situation is not resolved, sooner rather than later.

to cope with the possible penalties that you are going to fall has had to provision some seventeen thousand million euros and as is logical, will translate into investments “smarter”. Derived from this situation some in the media jumped into the fray saying that probably the Volkswagen Group would have to get rid of some of their brands to obtain liquidity and to reduce the pressure on itself.

Volkswagen Beetle LSR velocidad Bonnevillehowever, it seems that the blood eventually does not reach the river, and the brands of the Volkswagen Group will continue safe under his umbrella. By the mouth of the president group supervisor, Hans Dieter Poetsch, we have known that the group will not need to sell any of its brands to obtain liquidity. Therefore this shows that the finances of the group are strong and can withstand the gales of the Dieselgate.

With these statements are settled questions about the future of the group and its brands. Now it’s time to see how behave the different brands in the markets in which they are present. In addition we will have to see how to solve the problem of image which has Volkswagen as a trademark in the united States as it is very damaged and it may take time to recover for many years.

one of the key points that the Volkswagen Group remains solid is that the synergies between the brands will continue to rise. each of the group’s brands will be positioned in a particular niche market and through the use of common technology will cover better the market.

Source – Volkswagen Group

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