The Volkswagen Group will reduce its range of models, will increase from 340 to about 300

Volkswagen Touareg R-Line Plusdespite the fact that have been met about nine months from that will jump to the media the scandal dieselgate dominated by the German company Volkswagen, the collateral damage continue to come from the same company. The group, which must face many damages not to mention the fines you have outstanding, does not pass for a moment, economically filed, being forced to make decisions that affect the whole group. The last has to do with the range of models current, and the announcement that will be considerably reduced, going to offer 340 to about 300.

Without a doubt, the dieselgate is one of the biggest scandals of the entire history of the automobile industry. A multitude of people affected, millions of euros lost and a brand image marked for a long time. The Volkswagen Group recognized the facts of the past month of September, although the existence of souped-up engines, dating back to years ago. In these months, this scandal has claimed several high-ranking position, such as Frank Tuch, who was in charge of the division of Quality Control. Although the supply of vehicles has not gone well to stop the issue.

Volkswagen Polo BeatsWithout going any further, a few weeks ago, we knew the decision of Volkswagen not to continue with the project Golf R400. When all was ready the company was put back by closing the door to this version’s sporty compact. And is that the company had warned, the projects that are not priority will be postponed or cancelled. Now the company goes further and decides to phase out several models that deal with the current offer. This means that models of Audi, Volkswagen, Seat, Porsche or Skoda, among other firms owned by the group, will no longer be manufactured.

For now we do not know which will be, nor when they will begin to withdraw. The brand is currently looking to change its brand image, opting for a sustainable mobility. Your goal is to be leaders in the segment of electricity in 2025, not an easy task that you intend to achieve by launching several models of these features in the next few years. This means that saying good-bye to some 40 models, but that, we suppose, that will be replaced by vehicles more engaged with the environment.

Source – Volkswagen