The Volkswagen GTI Day you will return to the Circuit of Jarama in July

GTI Day JaramaIf you have a Volkswagen Golf you probably know what this is GTI Day, and you will probably be pointed to this big official event organized by the brand of Wolfsburg. Those who do not, the event GTI Day brings together fans of the brand, and in particular to the users of a Golf, in any of its variants, as well as any person wanting to spend a great day in the company of lovers of the engine.

The owners of a Golf will be able to park it in a parking specifically reserved for them and ordered by generations, which makes bloom the photograph around them, as well as the possibility of rolling in a caravan next to the seven generations of this iconic compact sports with more than 40 years of history.

GTI Day JaramaThe GTI Day is more a celebration rather than a birthday, it is a meeting and a gift that offers Volkswagen to all the fans of the engine. In addition to to be able to roll in the caravan that is performed in the circuit or you can enjoy the GTI Concept that is presented every year at W├Ârthersee, we will be able to test the new models of Volkswagen, both the Golf GTI Clubsport, as the GTE, accompanied by an instructor, in the mythical route madrid.

The Golf GTI, manufactured in 1974 by a group of men in secret to develop the first compact sports car, that would be known worldwide as a hot hatchback. A concept car is valid both for the day-to-day, as for sport driving. It would be in 1976 would appear the first Golf GTI.

later, and after six generations it has been gaining both weight and dimensions at the same time that power, the Golf GTI remains a sports car as versatile as 41 years ago. Until not more than a month, one of the versions that are more powerful and sporty Golf GTI, the Clubsport’s, had the fastest lap in the category of cars front-wheel-drive and year after year, events like Worthersee and the GTI Day we show that the icon of the years 70 is more alive than ever.

Volkswagen Golf
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