The Volkswagen ID will have a price well below the Tesla Model 3

When you arrive at the market, the Volkswagen ID will be cheaper than the Tesla Model 3. It is estimated that its base price will be approximately 27,000 euros, without considering tax incentives in some markets.

Andl scandal by pollutant emissions from diesel engines has become a turning point for the Volkswagen Group, which has taken the initiative to reverse the situation with the development of orna series of electric vehicles, with the purpose of becoming a world leader in terms of electric mobility

In this regard, the head of corporate strategy of the German firm provided some details of the first of these models, which take as the basis of the prototype ID Concept presented a few months ago. It is a hatchback electric, which is due to arrive on the market with a price quite lower than the Tesla Model 3, one of their direct competitors.

The vehicle ID will be developed on a new modular platform for electric vehicles called MEB (Modularer Elektrifizierungsbaukasten). Use a electric motor of 170 HP, which will give you an autonomy of between 400 and 600 kilometres with a full charge of its batteries.

Thomas Sedran announced that the Volkswagen ID production will have a base price of approximately 23,000 euros, that is to say about € 7,000 below the model of Elon Musk. However, it is necessary to consider also that it is expected that the price of the lithium-ion batteries continue to fall, of the current 150-200 € per kilowatt hour to just under 100 euros in a period of about three years.