The Volkswagen Jetta de “A todo gas” comes to auction

The last week of January will be the auction of this car in Scottsdale, Arizona (united States), with the morbidity that has everything related to the series of films “Fast and Furious”. It is a 1995 Volkswagen Jetta 2.0 automatic, four-speed. Yes, the film is supposed that it was manual shifting.

At the exterior comes as seen, with multiple signatures in your spoiler post: Paul Walker (needs no introduction), Chad Lindberg (the interpreter of Jesse) and Rob Cohen (director of the first film). In the interior we will find a team of music custom and a Playstation 2 console.

The car was purchased in 2002 by the actor Frankie Muniz, who was then 16 years old. I may sound series “Malcolm” or the movie “Agent Cody Banks”. The car has been used in different promotional events of the saga, and is in good condition. The engine bay is not precisely series, but we do not know what impact it can have on their actual performance.


Interesting… drilled disc brakes cooled and that lack of clamps

Those skilled in the saga will remember some of pifias that there was in the shoot. First, the powerful front disc brakes lacked tweezers. Second, you can see two flyers different, a Sparco and the original. Third, when Jesse lost the race against Honda S2000, you can observe the interior of a Ford Crown Victoria, which looks nothing like a Jetta. Things of the magic of cinema…