The Volkswagen Passat, CC and Eos called to review to solve the problem of emissions

Volkswagen EosVolkswagen continues with the calls to review of their diesel models TDI affected by the scandal Dieselgate emissions. Now the KBA German has given free reign to Volkswagen to start with the next call to the review, which affects to 800,000 units of the Volkswagen Passat, CC and Eos equipped with the engine 2.0 TDI EA 189. Affected versions of 110, 136 and 140 horses.

Volkswagen will by contacting the various owners of the cars affected so that they can pass by the dealers and technical services official of the brand in order to address the problem of excessive emissions of oxides of nitrogen. In Germany the customers affected received first a letter authorized by the KBA informing the user of the call to review. You will now receive a second letter inviting them to get in touch to arrange an appointment with the dealer in which they wish to tailor their vehicles.

Volkswagen CCAfter the performance on the part of the mark in the affected models, whose motor control units will be reprogrammed, all affected models shall comply with the requirements in terms of emissions. The brand guarantees that the users will not detect differences in terms of consumption, performance or sound of the engine. Of course, this call to review will not have any cost for the customers, who will be offered a mobility solution while their car stay in the workshop.

Meanwhile, Volkswagen continues to waiting for the competent authorities to give the nod to the solutions for other models and high-volume engine 2.0 TDI, as well as the 1.2 TDI. In the case of the smallest motor, it was expected that the calls to review began in the second quarter of 2016, but apparently will be delayed.

Source – Volkswagen

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