The Volkswagen Phaeton factory in Dresden will stop their production (to return with force in a few years)

Volkswagen Phaeton has been, since its birth, one of the models that the least profitable of the Volkswagen Group, with a difference. Ferdinand Piech wanted a flagship, a sedan of representation, which as they say would have cost to develop more than 1,000 million euros. We think that Volkswagen had not only created a product, but also an impressive infrastructure around it, which was to be the new Phaeton, the famous Gläserne Manufaktur, an impressive factory glazed from the exterior can be seen in the work of the operators. With the crisis of the TDI began to jeopardize the future of both projects, the arrival of a new Phaeton, and the continuity of the famous glass factory, but for the moment it seems that both will continue forward.

The glass factory of Volkswagen in Dresden will stop its production in 2016 to adapt its lines to the arrival of a new model, likely the new Phaeton.

The production of the Gläserne Manufaktur Dresden, the glass factory, will stop in 2016. And with it will also stop the production of the Volkswagen Phaeton, in which were involved 300 of the 500 workers of Volkswagen plant in Dresden. It comes from the factory smaller of Volkswagen in Germany. The workers will be relocated in a nearby factory, the Zwickau prophets, which produce the Golf and Passat.

As would be confirmed by Volkswagen, with the end of production of the Phaeton the glass factory will face a process of reconfiguration in order to adapt the lines to the production of a new model (Automotive News). And that model should be exactly the change of generation of the Volkswagen Phaeton.


  • The new Volkswagen Phaeton will be delayed, to get to the dealers as the flagship technology of the brand, and with a proposal for sustainable and power with which to challenge Tesla.

    Far from taking a step back, and avoid the generational relay of a product which is said Volkswagen had lost in the order of tens of thousands of euros, the brand of Wolfsburg wants to reinvent the concept Phaeton. But to do so still have to wait a few years.

    Volkswagen announced that the new Phaeton will be delayed, but that its arrival is intended to stand as one of the sedans more technologies in the market. Unlike the current model, which came to market with an engine W12, the new Volkswagen Phaeton will be based on a mechanical power, with an electric motor powerful, and a battery of high autonomy, intended to give a face to the concept of the Tesla Model S.

    Thus the things, the Gläserne Manufaktur in Dresden will live, but will soon be rebuilt for the production of the new model. And the Volkswagen Phaeton will have a successor, a flagship technology, and electric, which claims to be the greatest exponent of the new era of Volkswagen after the outbreak of the fraud of the TDI in the united States.

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