The Volkswagen Phaeton will be produced in march 2016

volkswagen-phaeton-fabrica-cristal-dresdenThe factory Dresden is the smallest of the production facilities that the brand has in Germany, and also one of the plants most curious of the world. Known as the Glass Factory, is located within the city of Dresden and that is where it is manufactured since 2002, the flagship of Volkswagen, the Volkswagen Phaeton, a model already come at least in a market where all its competitors are noticeably more modern and technologically advanced.

Volkswagen has already communicated that in march 2016 will cease production of the Volkswagen Phaeton in Dresden, ending with the life of the first generation of the model. In spite of the high cost of manufacture and to develop a new Phaeton, Volkswagen is convinced that it is a necessary product in terms of brand image. The new generation of the sedan of representation of German will be ready by 2019 and will be built at the same Glass Factory in Dresden.

Volkswagen Phaeton fábrica de cristal DresdenCurrently 500 people are working on Dresden, 300 of them joining the Phaeton directly. With the closure, the plant’s production will cease and there will be a restructuring process of a year to welcome the new generation of the Phaeton that can in any other model of the company. Workers affected by the closure of the plant will be relocated temporarily in Zwickau, 120 km away, where they make the Volkswagen Golf and Passat. This decision collides with the proposal to dispense with 600 temporary workers face the next year in the own facilities of Zwickau. It is investigating the possibility that some employees can work in some of the factories of Porsche.

The Volkswagen Phaeton takes in the market 12 years, and has never met sales targets. In Spain it has a starting price 113,000 euros and it is only available with a motor V8 petrol 4.2-liter, 335 HP, associated with a gearbox six-speed automatic and all-wheel drive 4Motion. Series includes bi-xenon headlamps, climate control of four zones, navigator, or air suspension, among other items.

Source – Automotive News Europe

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