The Volkswagen Polo R WRC 2017 does not receive the approval


the hours before The start of the Rally of Monte-carlo have
served to talk about the future options of the Volkswagen Polo R WRC
. In an extraordinary meeting with representatives of the FIA and of the
four manufacturers present in the WRC in 2017 (Citroën, Hyundai, M-Sport and
Toyota) has discussed the terms for which the World Rally Car manufacturer
German to compete in private hands during this season. All in all, by
the time there is a positive conclusion to the homologation of the Volkswagen Polo
R WRC 2017
, not for lack of will, but by the doubts that there is to it.

The standard process of approval of the Polo R WRC 2017 included
the registration of two units on the part of Volkswagen, but its output
championship forces you to apply a sort of safe conduct to the rest of the brands to be able to homologate the Volkswagen Polo R WRC and this compete in
private hands without inscribing the two units as specified in the regulation. In this
aspect, the manufacturers should advertise the regulations subject to
the private computer
put in liza the Volkswagen Polo R WRC 2017. And here
it is where the stakeholders have alleged does not have the information
enough to give the okay

At the end of this meeting the atmosphere was
conducive to the approval of the Polo R WRC 2017
, although the representatives of
the four manufacturers have agreed to ask for further information, and to use
a meeting more extensive to be able to make a decision. In this aspect, Jarmo
Mahonen as head of the FIA will meet with Volkswagen
to solve
all the doubts arising and to be able to give all the information to the rest of the brands.
For the moment, Yves Matton and Tommi Mäkinen as voices of Citroën
Racing and Toyota Gazoo Racing are in favour of this measure, while Michel
(Hyundai) has been more reluctant.