The Volkswagen Polo SUV goes walking

The new Polo SUV as wheel dress with the body of the current Golf. Will be offered in versions featuring four-wheel drive 4×4 and will hit the market in 2018 to compete against the Nissan Juke and Renault Capture.

Volkswagen Polo SUVHace a little over a month made her debut in the framework of the Geneva motor show a prototype that Volkswagen was baptized as a T-Cross Breeze, a conceptual work that laid the foundation of the SUV based on the new generation of the Polo, that will hit the market in 2018.

The next Volkswagen Polo will be the first to use the modular platform MQB, and for the first time will be in a form of body SUV, which is expected to be offered in versions with four wheel drive. The first mules of testing of this new SUV as they roll through Europe, although the outside still wear the body of the current Golf.

The new family Polo will use the smaller of the modular architectures of the Volkswagen Group, the platform MQB A0. In mechanical terms are expected in gasoline and diesel engines in versions TSI and TDI three-and four-cylinder, in addition to possible variants are equipped with a powertrain all-electric, as well as versions hybrid.

With the new Polo SUV, Volkswagen aspires to earn its place in the segment B-SUV, where you should be measured against products from the likes of the Renault Capture or Nissan Juke, among many others.

Volkswagen Polo SUV