The Volkswagen Scirocco is reluctant to leave the market and for less than 20,000 euros you can have one

Volkswagen Scirocco already has a good time with us, let us remember that it is presented in 2008, but still his design was able to convey quite well the passage of time and today remains a perfect alternative for those seeking a compact three-door with some sporty image, taking into account that what we can buy for less than € 20,000.

A full complement of equipment and a mechanical petrol 125 hp by 19.300 euros (less if you can to take you to the Plan PIVE)

The enemy is at home: for 18,000 euros have a SEAT Leon SC finishing with the FR and the petrol engine of 150 hp.

Currently in promotion we find a Volkswagen Scirocco available by 19.300 euros, down to of 18,500 euros if we can welcome the Plan PIVE. This promotional price is, as usual, funding the purchase with the financial proposal for the brand.

This version is promoted with the mechanical gas 1.4 TSI of 125 horses and the finish Typhoon by R-Line. This results in a complement of equipment very complete, with alloy wheels of 18 inches, cruise control, parking assistant and rear view camera, radio CS with touch screen, climate control and an aesthetic finish-specific in that it includes a double strip crossing from one end to the other the car.

Recall that the Volkswagen Scirocco was renovated in 2014 with an updated range of engines, among which was the 1.4 TSI of 125 horses offered, an instrumentation and a steering wheel that changed slightly and small aesthetic nuances, such as the optics later.

what A rival? The enemy is at home because by 18,000 euros you have a SEAT Leon SC with the petrol engine 150 hp and the finish FR Advanced. An alternative very tempting if we take into account that, in addition to having more power is developed on a platform more modern.