The Volkswagen Scirocco leaves the production without a successor in sight

Volkswagen has stopped making the Scirocco and so far has not announced his replacement. The sport will disappear from the catalogue of the brand when they run out of current inventory.

Lto the third generation of the Scirocco is already more than ten years in the market, and when many believed that the model was ready to receive its generational, the German firm reported that the model will go out of production and that, at least for the moment, will not have a successor.

The first rumors about the output production of the Scirocco started in 2014, when some media claimed that next to the Up!, the sporty Volkswagen may stop production. But now the confirmation is official, and the model will continue on sale until the current inventory.

Its history dates back to the year 1974, when it reached the market the first generation of the model that bore the signature of Giugiaro. It was replaced in 1981 when he got his second generation, which was manufactured until the year 1992. Then came a pause that lasted for more than a decade, in which the Scirocco has disappeared from the market until the current generation arrived in 2008. By that time, Volkswagen launched the Corrado, a sort of successor to the Scirocco.

Based on the platform PQ35 Golf V, the current Scirocco was launched in the year 2008 after his debut in the Geneva motor show, after its debut as a prototype two years before. But after the arrival of the Scirocco III things did not work out as expected and their sales were never able to achieve the objectives that Volkswagen had traced to the third-generation model, and after some years of uncertainty, finally, the signing of Wolfsburg has decided to cease commercialization of.

Taking into account these antecedents, maybe the Scirocco re-take a pause, although we hope that on this occasion we don’t have to wait 16 years to see you once more on the roads. Some months ago there was talk of a possible electric order to succeed, based on the electrical platform MEB, using in an electric train of the l I. D. the Hatchback, though at the moment there is no ningiuana confirmation official.