The Volkswagen self appears in the patent office of the EU

Volkswagen Autónomo ConceptThe Paris motor show has turned off their spotlights a couple of days, but the present information does not end there. One of the brands most active in the classroom has been Volkswagen. Not surprisingly, this situation since the Dieselgate is causing to the brand, and at the same time, serious problems in terms of economic forecasts and of image. Such is the importance that has had this room that the Volkswagen Group has presented the ID Concept, your next compact electric.

Paris has been the turning point for the Volkswagen Group you leave behind the excessive dieselización of its range of models as well as the massive downsizing. In addition, it has also committed to increase the hybridization in their model, as well as betting on electric propulsion and autonomous vehicles. Because thanks to this commitment to the future and to the Patent Office of the European Union, have made of these images.

Volkswagen Autónomo ConceptThe pictures that we see show a model with lines very futuristic. In its silhouette, we find lines very organic with other very marked and personal. front grille together with the round headlights reminds of some prototype of Mercedes-Benz. If we go to your side area you can see vaguely some of the features of Bugatti, in addition, the model has a few doors that seem to be of type “gull wings”.

The most personal of this model it can be seen in two areas. The first are the front wheel. In them we can see a few gills that extend beyond the wheel arch. The second part is his rear as your moon later is split in two by a “kind” of fin. In addition, it ends up with a diffuser that occupies the entire back and wraps around to the rear lamps.

To end comment that although this design has been presented in the Patent Office of the European Union you do not have why getting to production. However we will wait to the next Geneva, which will be in march of next year, if the brand we were surprised with something. But, we could take a biggest surprise in the NAIAS Detroit in January.

Source – Patent Office of the European Union