The Volkswagen Sport Coupe Concept GTE strokes ahead of next Passat CC


The next generation Passat CC forward us their ways through Volkswagen Sport Coupe Concept GTE which was presented this week at the Geneva Motor Show . Furthermore it shows us where to point the Volkswagen brand image.


Volkswagen Sport Coup Concept GTE E mong the news that Volkswagen prepared to take the Geneva Motor Show is a conceptual work with the Germans show that be the direction that will take the design of the brand in the future, while we advance the format adopted by the next generation of CC when the hour of his generational arrives.

This is the Volkswagen Sport Coupe Concept GTE, a prototype presented with an unprecedented front for the brand, which is very low and has a curved bonnet, one grill with several horizontal chrome bars and some headlights with LED lights. The set comes complete with a bumper that incorporates two large air intakes and manages to give us a glimpse of how the future might look Volkswagen.

Volkswagen Sport Coup Concept GTE A side highlights its huge alloy wheels diameter drop of your pillar C because the format of your body is that of a sedan with coupe features , as is the Passat CC. A sharp skirt on the basis of the doors and a gill to match the hood stands out.

The posterior is somewhat less groundbreaking, and incorporates something more similar to the aesthetics of the current Volkswagen and discreet spoiler pattern that emphasizes its sporty headlamps lineage.

The interior is simple and minimalist , in line with many recent conceptual work of the German firm.

Volkswagen placed a system of Hybrid propulsion that combines a V6 internal combustion engine in conjunction with an electric motor which together serve to drive the front wheels and a second electric motor associated with the axis Rear.

When the next generation of the Passat CC reaches the market, based on the prototype Sport Coupe Concept GTE , what will you do to be among the conventional Passat and Phaethon, so it is estimated that the price will not precisely be accessible.

Volkswagen Sport Coup Concept GTE





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