The Volkswagen T-Roc is hinted at in the video

A new video preview allows us to see the new Volkswagen T-ROC in greater detail, as a step prior to its official presentation that will take place on the 23rd of August, to later have his debut in the Frankfurt motor show 2017.

Andl debut of the new Volkswagen T-Roc is about and the German firm continues its outreach campaign which included some small progress photo and that now is complemented with a promotional video that allows to observe some additional details of this new crossover will be one of the great news that Volkswagen will take the Frankfurt Auto show 2017.

Volkswagen T-Roc presumed to be of a modern design and numerous innovations, with the purpose of placing it at the cutting edge within its segment. In addition, the German firm promises a excellent performance out of the way, thanks to the system of four-wheel drive that is available in the later versions equipped.

Inspired by the prototype of the same name, the model will finally arrive in production will have a front that highlights your wide grill with headlights built in, daytime running lights for LEDs in the lower area of the bumper, in addition to riders in the rear LED.

In regards to the interior, which is hinted at in the promotional video, be warned that you will lead you to the digital instrumentation configurable of the Volkswagen Group, a system of information and entertainment with a touch screen of generous dimensions, in addition to material and inserts of high quality. The color of the body also says this in the cabin, where some elements are painted in the same shade as the outside. .

although the manufacturer has not provided accurate data about the offer of engines, the first reports suggest that it will have a number of options petrol and diesel, both with blocks of three-and four-cylinder and even a hybrid version plug-in. The engines may be combined with a change manual of six speeds, as automatic DSG with double clutch. As you mentioned earlier, there will be versions with traction simple and other with all-wheel drive.