The Volkswagen Teramont start sales in China on the day 22

Volkswagen Teramont

Volkswagen Group needed as water may an SUV or off road size XL. With the commercial launch of the Teramont (Atlas for the united States) will be able to enter with the best weapons in certain markets where cars of this type are highly valued and they did not have a good positioning. Two of the most important markets to be targeted this great SUV are China and the united States and we already have a date for the deliveries of the first units to customers in the asian country.

As we already know, the Volkswagen Teramont measuring 5 metres in length by almost 2 wide and 1.8 high. The referents of the closest in the German conglomerate are the Audi Q7, but the lines of the model of the four rings will make it look more discreet. With these letters of introduction, and a range of mechanical only count with versions gas and powers ranging from 190 hp to 299 hp, Volkswagen already has ready his horse of battle.

Volkswagen Teramont

In the united States is a model that will have to fight against the all-terrain means of the market, however because of its importance, will not be on sale in Europe. Where you will begin your sales in a matter of days, specifically on the 22nd day of march, in China. According to the responsible of the firm’s customers are willing to know the model and be done with one, because it represents something new that does not have in its product catalog.

In the present range of the manufacturer is situated between the Tigual L and the Touareg. However, for the concept and design of this car is much more “gross” the SUV of the desert. Another point that has confirmed the firm is relative to the range of prices that will move this imposing model. The range opens in the 309.800 yuan with the basic version of 190 hp and close in the 509.800 yuan with the most prestacional of 299 hp.

Be that as it may, the flagship SUV from Volkswagen looks like you are going to love much to their clients such as: american deep, and the chinese wealthy. It will be a success.

Source – Volkswagen