The Volvo S90 has already a price! Luxury Swedish, and attack against the germans, from 45.420€

is There a site for the luxury sedan Swedish in a space dominated by the German? In the judgment of Volvo yes, there is. The new Volvo S90 is already ready for launch, with the first deliveries expected before the summer and the bookings open. Have already booked more than 100 units in Spain, between Volvo S90 and V90, and before the end of this year is expected to sell more than 300 units. Meanwhile, we already know what the price of new Volvo S90 2016, and finally we can go making us a reference of how it will be placed in front of his rivals. See background on the Volvo S90 2016, the sedan of the future, connected and semi-autonomous, in 5 keys.

it Is interesting to remember that we are before a huge sedan 4,96 meters, longer than a Mercedes E-Class, but, obviously, shorter than a Mercedes S-Class. Volvo appeals to your new image, design, distinction, quality and taste minimalist by the Swedish design and materials of the nordic, but above all to the technology, to face up to its rivals are more powerful, that is still the German trio. Another statistic to keep in mind is the fact that this Volvo S90 only go to the market with engines, diesel and gasoline four-cylinder. Engines which, yes, will be about 190 HP and 407 HP version T8, thanks to the hybridization. More information about the engines in the Volvo S90.

Volvo S90, as already mentioned above, will arrive accompanied by a family version, the Volvo V90. It is expected that the first, the S90 sedan, cope, between 60% and 65% of the sales in Spain, the rest being for the V90 family. This indicates that the percentage of family vehicles, even in a country without much tradition of family, such as Spain, will be far superior to that reflect the sales of its rivals, whose sales of sedan usually spin at around 85%.


The new Volvo S90 will start a diesel engine D4, with 190 HP of power, by 45.420€. It is important to mention that this motor series will be offered with automatic change-over, as the rest of the range Volvo S90, in which all engines shall be equipped with automatic change. A Mercedes E-Class diesel 194 BHP, also with automatic change-over, tear in 48.500€. The BMW Series 518d with 150 HP, will start in 42.150€ with manual shift mode and 44.712 with automatic change, but if we chose a 520d with 190 HP automatic because we are going to 47.312€.

The Spanish range, of time, will be completed with two diesel engines, D4 190 HP, and D5 AWD 235 HP, and two petrol engines, T5 254 HP and T6 320 HP of power, all of them with automatic change of range.

price List Volvo S90 2016

Model Power Finish Change I. M. PVP
D4 190 HP Kinetic Auto 0 45.420€
D4 190 HP Momentum Auto 0 49.381€
D4 190 HP Inscription Auto 0 53.918€
D5 AWD 235 BHP Momentum Auto 4,75% 59.950€
D5 AWD 235 BHP Inscription Auto 4,75% 63.911€
T5 254 HP Momentum Auto 4,75% 54.250€
T5 254 HP Inscription Auto 4,75% 58.211€
T6 AWD 320 HP Momentum Auto 9,75% 68.250€
T6 AWD 320 HP Inscription Auto 9,75% 72.368€

Source: Volvo
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