The Volvo S90 most luxurious are produced in China and come to Europe by train

El Volvo S90 se importa a Europa en tren desde China

Volvo presented the past year of your new Volvo S90 and V90, a saloon and its derivative family that practically we could try car rendering. Part of the production of this brand is made in their country of origin, assembling a high percentage in the Netherlands. From there it is exported to almost all markets where Volvo is present. However, the S90 for the chinese market, where it is increasingly demanding more of the large luxury sedans, are not exported, but that occur there, in China.

As models of representation for wealthy clients, the care for details should be maximum. Volvo is confident in its plant of Daqing and the entire team of this plant. So much so that, even if you do not believe, Volvo S90 more luxurious of the great vehicle, are exclusively produced there, in the people’s republic of china, and are exported to the rest of the world. In addition, and if outside little, the Swedish company has confirmed that soon all the S90 will be produced in Daqing. But what is more interesting, perhaps, is how they come to Europe.

Volvo has announced the launch of a long railway, which connects the chinese plant of Daqing with its main center logistics vehicles of Zeebrugee, Belgium. This makes it the first european manufacturer that brings to the Old Continent cars from China by train.

Prueba Volvo S90 V90

why train and not by boat?

apparently, this way reduces by two-thirds the time of waiting of the customers to receive your new vehicle in comparison with maritime transport. On the other hand, Volvo also claims that this reduces the CO2 emissions arising from transport by a third. Although it has not been said, probably will also leave more economic to transport by train than by boat.

with Respect to how to come from China to Europe, according to the Swedish firm trains will be able to carry around 225 vehicles in each trip. The cars come in special containers with space for three drives in each one of them. As it seems, initially will be a trip to the week, even if you later increase the frequency depending on the volume of orders for the european market.

how We can trust a car produced in China?

Prueba Volvo S90 T6

Surely you’re amazed by the importation from China of a model of high range as the Volvo S90. Although in most cases, you would like it to be produced here by the creation of jobs, leaving that issue to one side, we should not worry about the the quality of their manufacturing. Volvo has reported that the manufacturing processes are identical to those made in Europe, as well as the controls of quality and, very probably, the tolerances.

in Addition, think about it carefully, how many pieces of your mobile phone, computer, microwave (or any appliance or electronic device) will not be made in China?