The Volvo trucks should not be within the reach of children

From the creators of the legendary video of Jean Claude Van Damme opening of legs on the rear-view mirrors of two trucks (more than 80 million views), comes the last occurrence to sweep the Internet. A truck Volvo FMX of 18 tons will do a particular gymkhana with a girl at the controls… for radio control.

The truck 540 HP and six-wheel-drive a total of eight. The video aims to teach us how rough is the Volvo FMX and its traction control, designed to work off road, as in the works or mines. Account with protections in the low-fire and water, clear height 300 mm, etc

The little Sophie tries to take the truck along a path with various traps, and as the poor girl was not very practiced, it comes out more than once. But the truck hang in there with pretty dignity of the lack of skill of the driver. If we believe that really drove it, the video is to end up giving a round of applause.