The Volvo V40 Cross Country is offering, and is considerably cheaper than a Mercedes GLA

rumors speak already of a future Volvo XC40, the response from sweden to the BMW X1, Mercedes GLA or Audi Q3, but as we find ourselves with a Volvo V40 cross country, Volvo V40 with a greater free height to the soil, adapted to a life beyond the asphalt that is currently available, with a tempting price promotional.

The Volvo V40 Cross Country promotional has a starting price of 22,050 euros:

Volvo V40 Cross Country currently has a promotion that leaves us with a starting price of 22.050 € for a version equipped with the motor diesel (D2) 120 horses and the finish Kinetic.

This finish is the most basic of the range, offering as equipment most prominent being the climate control bizona, alloy wheels, cruise control and sound system with MP3 player.

With this price, the Volvo V40 Cross Country is situated below the prices of the SUV compact premium usual, although, of course, is not a premium SUVS, but a compact premium “facilities”.

If what we value as such, as a compact, this version also continues to be really competitive against the BMW 1-Series, the Audi A3 or Mercedes a-Class.