The Volvo V90 2016 starts its production in Sweden

After the start of the manufacturing of the Volvo S90 2016, his brother with bodywork family follows the same path just a few weeks after. The Volvo V90 2016 starts your production in Torslanda (Sweden): both models will be manufactured there, in a plant that has been modernized completely.

In the past two years, this factory Torslanda has doubled its number of direct workers, reaching the 6.300 employees in the present day. In addition, Volvo has hired a thousand engineers, and the R & D department has been expanded, and that’s without taking into account the number of indirect workers that these two models created at suppliers and in the auxiliary industry of Gothenburg.

After the Volvo XC90, these two new models of the Series 90 Volvo’s are a considerable step forward for the future of the Swedish brand. In the year 2010 initiated a strategic programme of transformation, in which invested about 11,000 million dollars, and that is beginning to bear fruit, but there will be more in the immediate future: after the models of the Series 90 -seated in the modular platform SPA-, in 2017 will the new family compact.

The first Volvo 40 Series of new generation will be presented during the next year, and will settle on the modular platform compact CMA. A first preview of his design what we have in the prototype Volvo Concept 40.1 and 40.2, and the progress of your development since you’ve talked about in the spy photos of the new Volvo XC40. This will give a boost in the sales of Volvo, which reached a new record in 2015, with more than 500,000 vehicles sold in all the world.

Meanwhile, the new Volvo V90 is called to be one of the models that abanderarán the immediate future of the Swedish brand: the family is already on sale in Spain, with prices ranging from 47.920 euros and engines with power outputs between 190 HP and 407 HP of the more powerful, the T8 Hybrid.

In the gallery of images you can see a full review at manufacturing process of this V90 in the facilities in Torslanda. Soon the model will expand its range with a new version, the Volvo V90 Cross Country: you will have an orientation more jacket and higher capabilities outside of the asphalt accompanied by the all-wheel drive (AWD), rivaling each other in this way with the Audi A6 allroad.