The Volvo V90 Cross Country will be presented next week


The Volvo V90 Cross Country hidden behind this camouflage will be unveiled in mid-September

Volvo announces the debut of its new saloon family and jacket in mid-September. The Volvo V90 Cross Country will continue the tradition of the swedes that began today, 20 years with the launch of the Cross Country station wagon in 96. After the debut in the means of communication with all security the all-new saloon will be present in the Paris, which will open its doors at the beginning of October, where we will have the opportunity to meet her live.

For the signature scandinavian body Cross Country was a success because it is a vehicle which is practical and robust for all seasons of the year. A “concept winner, perfect for the harsh climate and road conditions that we experienced in Sweden,” says the president of Volvo Cars Håkan Samuelsson,


The V70 Cross Country is its direct predecessor

the segment of The Cross Country has always been of great importance to the brands of premium vehicles where they can offer a “experience of driving powerful and comfortable” as real alternative to the SUV segment. Volvo ensures that this type of body has a special acceptance among the customers owners of horses and boats “thanks to its high ground clearance, power, traction and agile four-wheel drive“.

there is more official information until the moment however we know that the Volvo V90 Cross Country will be based on the sedan family Volvo V90, but modified to have new skills offroad. Will be the direct successor of the defunct Volvo V70 Cross Country. Among the modifications include higher to the ground, new tare of suspensions, chassis specific, unique bars roof, new game of bumper is more robust and protections extra on bumper, sideskirts, and low in gray or matte black.

The offer mechanics will be extracted directly to the sedan family Swedish. An array composed of thrusters four-cylinder Drive-E 2.0-liter in versions diesel and gasoline of up to 320 HP, they all united inevitably to the wheel drive of the brand. Possibly after a variant hybrid plug-in gasoline is a list of options.

In the present Volvo has available in its range V40, S60 and V60 Cross country.