The Volvo V90 is dressed police in his Sweden home

Volvo V90 policía Suecia

Volvo V90 has been a release that is very important in the Swedish brand. It shares the modular platform SPA with his brother the Volvo S90. In fact both vehicles have been selected as finalists for the Car of the Year in Europe by 2017. But today we’re going to talk about the family, as soon will be part of the Swedish police. Thus joins other models of the brand that had already fulfilled that role as the Volvo XC70.

But to become the vehicle of the authorities of their Sweden home has had to pass a few tests. It’s been five demanding test: a test of braking, eslalón with obstacles, maneuver to dodge with and without braking and driving of emergency at high speed. The Volvo V90 got a score of 9.2 / 10 in these tests. This score is the highest obtained by a car brand, surpassing all its predecessors.

Volvo V90 policía Suecia

” In general, it is difficult to find faults. Chassis, steering, suspension, and traction control system propusión, all show an exemplary performance”. To achieve such results this Volvo V90 spent by the department special operations in Torslanda (Sweden). We worked on the chassis rigidity and improved some elements such as the brakes and the suspension. The cabin was filled with the supplies needed for the service.

it is not Yet known what engine will be chosen to the Volvo V90 Swedish police. You might expect, as a minimum, the T5 petrol with 254 horsepower, but also could improve their performance with the powerful T6 320 HP. Meanwhile other european countries are posed as to whether to incorporate this family to their police forces. Sweden will start to come from next year to 2017.

Source – Volvo