The Volvo V90 is filtered, although this time it’s actual size

we Already knew that Volvo was going to resurrect the series 90, the largest of all. The saloon, the Volvo S90, which was made official just a few weeks ago with its stunning design and style, ground breaking. However now there is talk of the variant family, Volvo V90 which has been leaked before time. Yes again.


First images of the Volvo V90 at actual size. It looks good

And is that the swedes have a season of something complicated with the issue of the leaks, because that makes months the V90 had been revealed thanks to some models. In this case it is actual size, and thanks to this he we can see with more detail how really will be the most familiar version of the great saloon.

ahead of we see the same design in the Volvo S90. With a front sharp and compressed where the lighthouses continue to stand out for its LED in the form of a hammer. Your body extended seems to have no end, we do not know for the moment, the overall dimensions, presenting a side quite sober and with almost no ribbing that can accent the body.

however everything seems to indicate that the designers have kept all the details to the behind. Admittedly, it is very Volvo. this Is the first time that we see it but gives us the feeling of bringing all of life under. Many details, such as light in two directions or the exhaust outlets, the attention. Stylish as well as easy.

So you only see a picture of the inside, a of the rear seats that give you the feeling of holding four passengers. The seats are side seem to have a considerable size, while the central is a little more narrow and narrow. Note that the S90/V90 is designed for four passengers to ride comfortably, for a fifth don’t enjoy it so much.

Although the dashboard does not let see, the truth is that we do not expect any surprise in this regard. The V90 will follow the line of the S90, which in turn copied the style of the Volvo XC90. That is to say that the front part of the passenger compartment will be elegant, minimalist, luxury, and technology, then once more will be one of the particular strengths of a Volvo, most of them focused on security, as the system Intellisafe.

In relation to variants mechanical nor changes are expected with respect to the vehicle. Diesel and petrol engines will be the standard pattern in addition to the arrival of a hybrid version and a hybrid plug-in in the future. The Volvo V90 should be unfolding in just a week, and it is then when we can know everything about him.


In just a few days we will know the full and official