The Volvo XC40 2018 continues its cycle of tests


Profile of the mule of the Volvo XC40

Volvo continues with the evidence of a future SUV, the smallest of the range. Although part of Volvo there is no confirmation we assume that it could be called Volvo XC40 to follow the nomenclature used until now, and because the mule testing is based on the V40 Volvo.

In our spy photos you can see how the mule is sitting on a platform high in comparison to the V40 – with a few steps of wheel width and a wheel big enough. It is expected that the new Volvo XC40 to compete against the Volkswagen Tiguan and the BMW X1, among others.


Volvo XC40: built on the modular platform CMA

will Arrive in 2018 and will be built in Belgium on the modular platform CMA, for this reason it is likely that this model will offer a hybrid version plug-in, as will also the Volvo S90 and XC90 which will follow the trend of the segment.

Its design lines will have big influences of his older brother, the Volvo XC90, but spiced with a touch more youth to seduce your target audience. For now this is all the information there is on this model, we will continue informing you.