The Volvo XC60 2017 is left to see for the first time in its testing phase


The prototype seems to be riding the one that will be your body final

the arrival of The XC90 seems to have given wings to the Swedish brand. In recent times we are seeing an important wave of renewal on the part of Volvo. Its entire fleet will be updated soon and one of them will be the Volvo XC60 2017 today we were able to see for the first time.

All changes in the range are marked by a new design philosophy nordic. Admittedly, it has cost them to find an own style, but what you have achieved. To view their latest works. This philosophy or concept of design will be applied to the new Volvo XC60 that we see in images.

despite the fact that the content of camouflage is very high we can easily distinguish certain parts of the body. The front features headlights that already know about other models, like those of his older brother or as the Volvo S90. With daytime running lights LED with the shape of the hammer of Thor.


The XC60 is not updated since 2013, and it is time for a face wash

The XC60 will be in fact a Volvo XC90 in reduced size, is clearly seen in its lateral line. Despite the fact that it will support on a new platform, it is not expected that the measures vary a lot with respect to the current, so that its total length is likely to remain around the 4.6-4.7 metres.

If we get to the back, once again, we find that DNA of design mentioned before. Volvo is still committed by a few lighthouses of large dimensions placed vertically, located at the ends of a gate of great size. The rest of the details of the body are discovered, but little by little we will get around to it.

In terms of its interior, we have already said that it will use new platform, that despite not changing the external measures, it will enhance the space and liveability inside. In this aspect also be expected to have a clean design, minimalist and with a lot of technology. The vast majority of it focused on security. The style of Volvo.


The XC60 will implement the latest advances in the field of safety of Volvo

The unit sighted in Amsterdam formed part of a gasoline engine of 254 horses which would correspond to the variant T5. This will be one of the many blocks available for the XC60, that you would have to add units diesel and hybrid. This is the first time that what we see and therefore the information is not very wide, but as you progress its development stage, we will know more about him. His presentation is scheduled for the coming year.