The WalkCar is the world’s smallest electric car


The WalkCar is an electrical device developed in Japan, which can carry one person at a speed of 10 km / h, with 12 km of autonomy, after a three-hour recharge


WalkCar-cocoa-motors S f you think the Segway Personal Transporter was the most compact in relation to electric vehicles, you were wrong. Cocoa Motors presented a small aluminum device, the size of a laptop, which can carry one person at a speed of 10 kilometers per hour.

aluminum body, 10 km / h and 12 km of autonomy for this personal transporter.

This is a product developed by an engineering team based in Tokyo, which was baptized with the name of WalkCar. It is a kind of portable transport, ideal for getting around the city with very little effort, or rather without any effort.

E l WalkCar, of only three kilograms , can carry one person at a rate of 10 km / h, over 12 kilometers, recharging after three hours.

In the demo video prepared by Cocoa Motors, can be seen as the WalkCar can be directed in the same way that a skateboard to balance the body. Have you seen how is able to ascend a hill , even while pushing other cars pesos as packages. Although one wonders what would happen if these small wheels passing over rough pavement or stuck with a stone.

The advantage over other products like the Segway is related to its potable size and is small and light enough to keep it in a bag . It comes as the ideal for those who must cover a few hundred meters from public transport to complement their workplaces.

The WalkCar goes on sale in Japan this year, with a price of 100 000 yen, that is the equivalent of 700 euros at current rates.