The watermelon


After the murmur of the water, the next thing that rang was the dive of a question mark that presided over the scene; there was something happening but not had a clear answer.

something similar is Happening in the World of F1, something good, and with the Silly Season, the splashing around, the waves and the heat of the summer many are losing. The World cup 2017 is being a correquetepillo as the not enjoyed for a long time and not all of them are giving value. The new F1, the wheel bbw, new aerodynamics and car widths has gutted a fork stitched with silver clip. The differences between the up and down is akin to the already well-known, although in front and in the middle zone, things happen very interesting.

If we look from the bottom up, it is loud sonrojante for more teams fuste as the Force India have been leaving behind the group of “all the others”. Consolidate his fourth place discreetly, without making a lot of fuss, and a way to triple the size in points at the fifth, Williams. Many doomsayers, we saw a horizon tricky with the problems of their owners and yet Bob Fernley, with small changes, improvements very well chosen, and successful management is giving a class to other.

Checo Pérez bring that car up to where it reaches, but Esteban Ocon, in his first full year as a starter, is closer to the mexican than what one might expect from a guy with so little experience. The range of times is usually between one and two tenths, when the normal should be the double or more.


Renault is showing that it knows how to improve the car, but by the time the results do not accompany everything that should be.

Another of the pleasant surprises, very much to be hoped on the other hand, is the consistent improvement of Renault in a trajectory, as seen before in the of Enstone. Your engine is still behind the Mercedes and Ferrari and that’s why they cost a little more, but the signing of Hulk has been KERS+DRS for those of Enstone, which are growing by leaps and bounds at the moment is the team that has most improved since you started the season. At this rate, and with an advance on your engine it would not be surprising to see them skimming the podium next year, if it is not tread for some time, something unthinkable last year. Huge progression.

Red Bull is the only team able to win races with the thrusters gauls, but they’re still saddled with a deficit of chivalry that prevents them from going further. Add a small handicap to your performance: what unexpectedly fallón and nervous that walketh Verstappen. Their season, without being bad, is not the predicted.

When just racing never makes it behind the fifth place, right where you can get that car by himself… at the gates of the garden Mercedes and Ferrari, but his partner, australian builds up a victory and five podiums for one of the belgolandés. The internal tensions in the pursuit of the car pata negra that does not possess have been filtered, and the situation is not like in any of the two parties. Correct, if you are there is that pay, Max.

The noble area it is the greatest joys is giving to the aficionariado. If before, there were two riders from the same team that atizaban by a crown, now there are three drivers of two different teams. Results in hand Vettel is where it has earned, Lewis go worse than what would be guessed, Bottas started hesitating and seems to have acquired the accent of German that speaks your car… but what about Kimi? The Finnish have a winning car but is fifth, with half the points that his partner, and a Blues Brother ahead with a car inferior.


Valtteri Bottas increasingly convinced those who doubted whether it was a pilot for a computer as powerful as the Mercedes.

If the titles were shared in August, Kimi should be at least on the podium, and is well outside. It is very possible that in Maranello will renew for 2018, but his performance in net has never been where it should be. With trallazos of brilliance from time to time he has never complained of his people but it is possible that you are suffering from the well-known and has already been diagnosed on many occasions to Ferrari Syndrome of the Second Child. Raikkonen came before the breast of the formation, and therefore, the attentions are to the he landed after. If the colorado work only for a pilot, is the one who speaks German (and Italian)

But… what happened to see all this? What has changed?

Mercedes took three years martirizando the rest with victories unattainable but this season and surprisingly are stealing the wallet. W08 is succumbing to the equal effectiveness of the SF70-H of Ferrari and at the moment is winning the game, at least in the drivers title. If the constructors ‘ world falls hand in hand for Mercedes in the equator of the calendar is more for the success of your second runner, Valtteri Bottas, by the overwhelming triumph of cars gray.


Ferrari has managed to challenge Mercedes this year and Sebastian Vettel takes the win in front of Lewis Hamilton.

Sebas Vettel beats the pulse of Hamilton by only fourteen points, and this is not that much, but over the past three seasons, it was unthinkable for the account of the star-studded monologue. The triumph of Ferrari, with real chances of winning this title after almost a decade without catching THE title —that is the pilots— they have to hand, and for a long time not enjoyed such a situation.

Mercedes are going very well in the fast tracks as was seen in Silverstone, but suffer in slow as Monaco and Hungary. Its evolution seems to now something more cachazuda and slow, and may be showing signs that the concept is reaching its limits. Ferrari however they seem to seat you well the circuits slow and revirados, and are doing worse in fast. The arrows are silver they will be ok to run at Spa, Monza and Suzuka, and the italians smile thinking of in Singapore, Abu Dhabi or Brazil. The rest of the circuits are slightly advantageous, due to its layout, to Mercedes but not massively. It will be Lewis the manager to cut the difference with Frigodedo if you want your fourth twisted.

the key to The new situation lies in Maranello. Ferrari is a very big team, a true transatlantic incarnate, and to change course is a complex task. In the industrial plan of Sergio Marchionne is to sell the brand and to this end they need the team to shine and increase his value. When he renovated the impressive wind tunnel with a cost of over 35 million euros, to add to that, say, bank of analysis austrian built by AVL which is rumored to have (or at least used) and add that to the simulator MOOG that made them Dallara… would that get changes and results. One of the big changes Ferrari has arrived in the plane of the aerodynamics, a subject scarcely for years.

The father of this breakthrough was not so much James Allison but the engineers Enrico Cardile and Simone Resta, and with all those expensive toys that Marchionne put at their disposal have been able to get a set highly effective in fast corner, something that before was questionable. Ferrari has taken a giant step forward and the fans should recognise it and applaud it. If they manage to keep at bay the developments of Mercedes, if Kimi achieves more doublets-of-Saturday, if they manage to hold the onslaught of Hamilton and keep him in races in which your partner comes first it is very possible that we will see the end of the season, electrifying up to the last bend, something that was forgotten and they only remember the old place.


Räikkönen doesn’t perform to the level that you are supposed to pilot a Ferrari, but runs to perfection team orders when he manages to get to the level of Sebastian Vettel.

Speaking of old, the robe on the shore of the beach was still hitting voices, and was leaving her rounded figure of hands on jugs to point the finger at one side and another. “here, there”. After observing the mysterious scene with the detail of manners mystery was revealed. Those involved, become experts tuneladores, they were looking for the watermelon that had been buried under the skirts of the Mediterranean and they had been lost with the beat of the salty liquid element.

Or the were or everyone would be left without a dessert. what about Dessert? there is Still half a season, get ready for that the horse will attack you with arrows silver. Let’s hope that the blood does not reach the river, without forgetting that recently there had been no river.