The way most absurd to destroy a Ferrari LaFerrari (the video of the accident in Budapest)

few days Ago I told you that I have several theories about why we see so many videos and photos of supercars destroyed. First, because everyone carries a mobile phone with a camera in your pocket. And as usual when you see a supercar is to photograph it, at least as well understood by many people, and if that includes the strangeness of seeing it shattered even more. So cruel we are. The second theory would be that the owners of supercars have a certain predisposition to crashing with them. This theory is too risky, especially when we can’t always know the story behind the image of a sport that has crashed.

But, apparently, a video camera itself that you recorded the accident of the Ferrari LaFerrari crash in Budapest that you showed a few days ago. It is a low quality video, but sufficiently explicit to see that it meets both theories. The accident was recorded, in a fortuitous way, when a car pulled out his cellphone to record the Ferrari he had before. The accident was caused by a stomp to the throttle that obviously was out of place.

Via: Jalopnik