The WEC freezes the regulations LMP1-at least until 2020


FIA and ACO have announced the freezing of the technical regulations of the class LMP1 of the World Endurance (WEC) until the end of 2019, thus defeating the plans in place to modify the regulatory basis of the prototype hybrid of the contest ahead of the season 2018. In this way, Toyota and Porsche enjoy a standard technique that does not include changes in the LMP1-H and that together with other measures will help to control the costs of the two large manufacturers present in the championship after the abrupt departure of Audi. In turn, can be door for the arrival of new manufacturers.

The decision to establish a technical regulation is immobile until the end of 2019 has been taken during the meetings held in Sakhir on the part of representatives of the FIA, the ACO and the manufacturers themselves to ensure the viability of the category queen of the WEC and the 24 Hours of Le Mans. However, among the technical changes planned prior to this decision was the creation of a new subclass of hybrid top – with a recovery of energy of 10MJ, as well as the implementation of optional form of a third hybrid system of energy recovery for the prototypes from the factory.

This decision will be subject to the approval of the World Council of the Motor of the FIA at the next meeting of this body, although it will not be the only measure that is under evaluation. However, FIA and ACO have also established some measures to limit the costs which will enter into force during the next year and that reference among other things to the limit of the personnel of the factory equipment, the number of kits aerodynamic per season -will be limited to two – and the reduction of the hours of wind tunnel and of the test days throughout the season.