The WEC works in the definitive 'Balance of Performance'


Set a ‘Balance of Performance’ fair is one of the most complex and difficult to a promoter. While in the Blancpain GT Series seems to have reached a proper balance in spite of having a dozen different vehicles, the WEC is a target of continuous controversies by the settings of performance between the different vehicles GT competing in the categories GTE-Pro and GTE-Am. With ten changes in eight tests, the 24 Hours of Le Mans and the 6 Hours of Shanghai have been two critical points that may well placed the position of any of the manufacturers.

Vary the extent of the flange of admission, the pressure of the turbo or apply lastres are not being effective measures to match the performance of the vehicles, GTE, and because of this, the Ford GT won too easily in the 24 Hours of Le Mans. Although almost all parties have been benefited and harmed in equal parts, the technical department of the WEC is having serious problems to find the key, in large part because there is a great mix between turbo engines and atmospheric. It also affects the different degree of seniority of the cars.


all in all, the Technical Delegate of the FIA, Denis Chevrier, has announced that the WEC is working on a system of control of the atmospheric pressure in real time. This system will allow the variations of atmospheric pressure, which can go from 5 to 10 millibars between different points of the weekend, not to have an impact on the ‘Balance of Performance’ established, allowing each vehicle to have a constant performance throughout the test. With this technology you will avoid passages such as the 24 Hours of Le Mans or the abrupt loss of performance of the Ferrari 488 GTE in Shanghai.

roughly, the settings of the turbo will be updated at each instant in the models with propeller turbo, so that cars with engine aspiration not be penalized by these changes. This will prevent discrepancies between the different days of competition, or even during the race itself. A measure that seeks to correct the current system that took the atmospheric pressure of the scrutineering day or the model wrong used in the 6 Hours of Shanghai. the rest of The settings of the ‘Balance of Performance‘ will continue to apply.